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Heavy Duty Heater

Aftermarket Heavy Duty Heater by Spectra Premium

The heavy duty heater provides warm air to the passengers’ compartment by distributing the heat that the engine in operation generates. Even if this part plays a role in climate control, the heater is in fact linked to the cooling system. Due to its position between the engine and the passenger compartment, this part is one of the most labour-intensive to replace.

Provide lasting comfort to pick-up and truck drivers with reliable heavy duty heaters.
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Common Heavy Duty Heater Failure Symptoms

  • Heater doesn’t warm up
  • Smell coolant inside the car
  • Coolant Leak
  • Mist in the windows
  • Coolant level dropping
  • Engine running hot

Common Causes of Failure

Much like the radiator, the heater suffers from lack of regular cooling system maintenance. In such cases, the coolant fluid’s PH level might increase or become contaminated which in turn corrodes the aluminum of the part. Due to its high position in the cooling system, the heater is affected first by low coolant level. It may also be distorted and leaking after over-heating. Always replace the heater core at first sign of symptoms to insure that the coolant fluid does not spill in passenger cabin

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