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Aftermarket condenser by Spectra Premium

The condenser is located in the front of the vehicle between the radiator and the front grille as part of the climate control (or air conditioning) system. Like a radiator, the condenser uses the properties of the airflow of the moving vehicle to cool down the coolant that serves to lower the temperature of the passenger compartment.

Spectra Premium Condensers use multi-flow tubes from 10 to 18 passages for higher efficiency
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Common Condenser Failure Symptoms

  • Reduced cooling
  • Leaking coolant
  • Deposits in the coolant
  • Reducing coolant level

Common Causes of Failure


As a front-end part, condensers are often involved in collisions. Even if the initial impact does not damage the part, smaller leaks in the cooling system can be found afterwards which also warrants radiator replacement.

Other common causes

Parallel flow condensers are susceptible to severe internal blockage after a compressor failure. When the compressor fails, always include a Spectra Premium condenser to ensure complete repair.

The climate control system will not work if the condenser is defective or leaking.

Replacement Importance

Climate control is not critical to the operation of a vehicle, but the air conditioning system is important for the passengers’ comfort, particularly during hot summer periods. Air conditioning failure does not impact passenger heating, since the heater is actually part of the cooling system.

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