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Validation and Testing

Explosion-proof fuel tank testing chamber

In Trollhättan, Sweden, our engineers perform all development, validation, durability and component testing in our fully equipped fuel systems tests laboratory. They are experienced in car testing in different climates from the hot temperatures of Arizona to the winter tests in northern Sweden.

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Magnifying glass, chart and keyboard for testing

Fuel Systems Laboratory

The complete fuel systems laboratory has the necessary equipment to test fuel systems in order to evaluate mechanical strength, functional performance, legal requirements and a complete validation of the system.

Fuel Filling Lab
The fuel lab has two fuel filling stations designed to represent an ordinary gas service station with standard service station components. They may use different fuels (Gasoline, E85 and Diesel), fuel temperature, fill nozzles or fuel flows.
Climate Chamber
The walk-in explosion-proof chamber is designed for fuel tank temperature cycling, fuel tank roll-over, hydraulic pressure tests and fuel filling tests. Utilizing only mechanical refrigeration and electrical heating, the chamber offers wide ranges of high and low temperatures as well as controlled humidity.
Fuel Slosh Durability
The slosh test facility may house up to three tank assemblies simultaneously and test gasoline, E85 and diesel fuels.
Fuel Tank Pressure/Vacuum
This test equipment performs thousands of pressure and vacuum cycle to ascertain the typical fuel tank durability.
Fuel Pump Durability
Two test tanks rigs may house eight modules at the same time for fuel pump durability testing. Fuel type (like gasoline, E85 or diesel), temperature and fuel pressure are the variables that can be altered in the tests.
Other Available Services
  • SHED chamber for evaporative emission tests
  • Fuel tank ageing
  • In-vehicle integration tests for temperature measurement, fuel supply, etc.
  • Storage of test fuel
  • Component dust test rig
  • Leak test
  • Fuel tank frames
  • Fuel lever sender test rig
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Simulation Testing

Simulation is an integrated part of our development. Our team performs these tests according to project requirement to validate the performance of our fuel systems in real-life situations.

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Fuel Systems Validation

Our team has a long history of performing development and validation within global fuel system projects with different requirements. They have the capacity to validate a complete Fuel Tank design according to OEM specifications.

In-Vehicle Integration Testing