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Heating & Cooling

Aftermarket cooling system products by Spectra Premium: radiator, heavy duty radiator, cooling fan assembly, intercooler and heater

Spectra Premium manufactures exceptional aftermarket cooling system parts, including the first and only CAPA-Certified radiators and all-aluminum high-performance radiators.

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Fuel Delivery

Aftermarket fuel delivery products by Spectra Premium: steel fuel tank, fuel module, gasoline direct injection pump, electric and mechanical fuel pumps

Based on more than 25 years of fuel delivery system expertise, Spectra Premium is a tier-1 OEM fuel tank manufacturer and the world leader in aftermarket steel fuel tank production.

Spectra Premium Classic Car Parts
Classic Car Parts

Engine Management

Aftermarket ignition and engine management products by Spectra Premium: etb, maf sensor, o2 sensor, camshaft and crankshaft position sensors, ignition distributor, ignition coil, map sensor.

Designed and engineered to OE specifications by our Canadian engineers, Spectra Premium only produces completely new products that do not require any core charges.

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Climate Control

Aftermarket climate control products by Spectra Premium: condenser, ac compressor, ac evaporator and ac accumulator-drier

Spectra Premium climate control parts retain the exact fit and construction style as the original part it replaces.

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Aftermarket aluminum oil pan by Spectra Premium

Spectra Premium undercar parts are proudly made under a strict quality control process during production that includes fit and performance tests.