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AC Evaporator

Aftermarket ac evaporator by Spectra Premium

As part of the air conditioning system, the AC Evaporator is a small heat transfer unit located in the dashboard, much like the heater core. However, instead of distributing warm air like the latter, an evaporator contains refrigerant that was cooled down by the compressor. The blower motor pushes air through the evaporator in order to distribute cool air in the passengers’ compartment.

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Common AC Evaporator Failure Symptoms

  • No cold air from the AC System
  • Fluctuation temperatures
  • Strange smell when using the heat or Air conditioning

Common Causes of Failure

As other parts of the climate control system, the evaporator is vulnerable to refrigerant contamination and acidity that corrodes its aluminum core. If the AC Accumulator-Drier fails, the excess moisture and acidity will also find its way to the evaporator. Once affected by corrosion, the evaporator will eventually leak.

It is recommended to also replace the AC Accumulator when changing the Evaporator

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