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Body Panel

M114AL aftermarket Spectra Premium body panel

Our replacement body panels feature the same specifications and corrosion-resistant steel as when your vehicle drove its first mile on the road. Complete your restoration project with the right panels for the right vehicle.

Our replacement body panels have been a benchmark of quality in the classic car market for over 30 years
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Most Common Body Panel Products

Spectra Part Number Most Popular Applications
M121 70-64 Ford Mustang
M114AL 70-64 Ford Mustang
M114AR 70-64 Ford Mustang
M136L 68-64 Ford Mustang
M107-8AL 73-64 Ford Mustang
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New aftermarket multifunction air intake sensors by Spectra Premium


Engine Management

Common Failure Symptoms

  • Dent or scratch from physical contact 
  • Corrosion and rust
  • Alignment with other panels

Most of the time, body panel replacement is mostly an esthetic consideration that will have little impact on the driveability of a vehicle. However, for classic and muscle cars, looks matter! When you are restoring your dream car, everything must just be perfect. For that reason, our body panels respect the same specifications as when the car rolled out of the factory decades ago.

The presence of rust and salt corrosion also represents a threat for other panels, the frame and metallic parts from contamination. Replacing a body panel now will prevent costly repairs further down the road.

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