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Oil Pan

Aftermarket aluminum oil pan with steel thread insert

Present on all vehicles, the oil pan is part of the engine lubrication system and, located directly under the engine, acts as a receptacle for the oil. An important feature of the oil pan is the drain plug which is utilized for oil changes.

Steel Oil Pans

  • Utilizes special conductive paint to dissipate static charge and prevent corrosion
  • Precision welded to ensure durability
  • Includes OE design baffle to prevent oil starvation and engine failure
  • Leak, road, fit, peel and salt tested to ensure performance

Aluminum Oil Pans

  • Manufactured with high quality aluminum
  • Most models feature steel inserts to prevent stripped threads caused by over-torqueing
  • Fit and road tested to ensure performance
Both Steel Oil Pans and Aluminum Oil Pans by Spectra Premium feature technological improvements to insure their longevity
Steel insert on Aluminum Oil Pans significantly increases the life of the oil pan by providing increased durability while maintaining the OE drain plug specifications

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Common Oil Pan Failure Symptoms

  • Oil leaks
  • Loss of power
  • Seizing engine

Common Causes of Failure

  • Rust
  • Physical damage
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