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Fuel Tank Assembly

Aftermarket steel fuel tank assembly including an integrated fuel module

The fuel tank assembly is an all-in-one solution including a steel fuel tank, an integrated fuel module and the fuel tank straps to perform a complete repair. This solution provides savings on parts and labour costs as well as reduced risks from cross-contamination with a partial part replacement.

Ensure complete repair with Spectra Premium’s fuel tank assemblies
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Most Common Fuel Tank Assembly Products

Spectra Part Number Most Popular Applications North American VIO
F45B2FA 1999 Ford F-150 2,374,217
GM23B1FA 1995 Chevrolet K1500 2,013,745
F44B2FA 2001 Ford F-150 1,883,014
GM22B1FA 1994 Chevrolet C1500 1,862,163
GM23B2FA 1994 Chevrolet K1500 1,857,769
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Common Fuel Tank Assembly Failure Symptoms

  • Smell of gas
  • Leaking fuel
  • Check engine light

Common Causes of Failure

All components of the fuel tank assembly – the straps, fuel tank and pump – often suffer from major corrosion issues, rust or external contamination to the fuel delivery system. Direct physical damage can require the complete replacement of the parts.

Rust in the tank can contaminate the fuel and cause further damage to the vehicle

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