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Classic Fuel Tank Assembly

Aftermarket steel classic fuel tank assembly including an integrated fuel module

Finding the right part for a vintage vehicle is a challenge that gets more difficult if you need to replace the fuel tank, classic sending unit and lock ring all at once. The Spectra Premium fuel tank assembly contains all these components already assembled and ready for an easy replacement for vehicules that swaped their carburator engine for a fuel injection engine.

Save repair time and prevent contamination without compromising on the appearance of your fuel tank.
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Most Common Classic Fuel Tank Assembly Products

Spectra Part Number Most Popular Applications
GM32AFI 68-67 Chevrolet Camaro
F28AFI 68-64 Ford Mustang
GM32BFI 69 Chevrolet Camaro
GM201FI 81-79 Pontiac Firebird
GM37BFI 67-64 Chevrolet Chevelle
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Engine Management

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Common Failure Symptoms

  • Smell of gas
  • Leaking fuel
  • Check engine light
  • Unreliable fuel gauge readings

Steel Fuel Tank

Sending Unit

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