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February 4, 2020

3D Imaging Added to our Digital Assets

Spectra Premium has invested in new imaging equipment to capture its products in 3D. The new 3D spin images will be an addition the current multi-view high-resolution pictures to provide a more interactive display.

“We opted for the 3D imaging solution over the 360 degrees option because it provides a better experience for the consumers. The 3D pictures are as close as possible to holding the actual product in their hands as current digital technology allows. With this clear image and interactivity, consumers will be able to better appreciate the quality of the product and make more informed purchasing decisions,” stated Collin Francis, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Aftermarket USA. 

Contrary to a 360 degrees view - which only takes 24 pictures - the new 3D displays require 72 pictures to create a seamlessly rotating part. Another difference is that 3D images allow the user to drag the view vertically and get a better perspective from the top of the part at different angles. Consumers will be able to zoom on each high-definition image to see the details of the part.

The company approached 360 degrees and 3D imaging experts Snap36 for equipment, software and training. Widely recognized by industry leaders, Snap36’s photography equipment will yield AAIA and PIES-compliant images.

“Moreover, our clients will directly benefit from this upgrade,” added Francis. “In addition to attaching these enhanced digital images to our eCatalog, we will share these images with our clients in their data files to help them increase their sales and decrease part returns.” 

Eventually, Spectra Premium’s most relevant and popular parts from its catalog of over 15,000 products will benefit from this upgrade in the coming years. Newly released parts will take priority to receive a 3D digital treatment, starting as soon as this year’s product release of the second quarter (Q2).