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2 de noviembre de 2020

Over 500 New 3D Product Images in eCatalog

Spectra Premium has launched its first 3D interactive product images on its electronic catalog today. In addition to the current multi-view high-resolution images, over 500 aftermarket products across several product categories enjoy this new format. 

“We are excited to launch this new upgrade to our digital assets that helps our customers enjoy the best experience when looking for parts online. Without having to get a product out of the box, our clients can rotate, tilt and zoom on a product image with a mouse on a computer or with their fingers on their mobile devices. The added interactivity will be almost the same has physically handling a product and checking hard-to-see details on static pictures of complex parts, such as engine management sensors,” said Martin Brazeau, Vice President of Operations, Aftermarket. 

In addition to the usual 5 to 6 images, the new 3D images display three to four layers of 24 pictures (for a total of 72 to 96 pictures to create single 3D image of a product) to show a large number of different angles. Widely recognized by industry leaders, Snap36’s high-quality photography equipment used by Spectra Premium yields AAIA and PIES-compliant images.

“We have developed our in-house expertise and photographed over 500 parts in high-definition by prioritizing technical parts with more than 250 electronic throttle bodiesmass air flow sensors and ignition coils,” added Mr. Brazeau. “We also added a large selection of oil pans and fuel filler necks. From now on, many of our new products will be readily available in 3D format, and we will continue to gradually upgrade our catalog.”

You may see some example of parts on Spectra Premium’s award-winning online catalog.