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Active Grille Shutters

Active grille shutters AGSG1001 for light-duty truck

Located between the front grille and the condenser, the Active Grille Shutters (AGS), otherwise known as Radiator Shutter Assembly, are plastic shutters that open or close to control the airflow going under the hood. Limiting the airflow improves fuel economy by helping the engine warm-up and reducing drag at high-speed.

Choose the OE fit, form and function of Spectra Premium Active Grille Shutters, an increasingly popular cooling technology.
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Most Common Active Grille Shutters Products

Número de pieza Spectra Aplicaciones más populares VIO América del Norte
AGSH1001 19-13 Ram 1500 1,564,515
AGSH1002 16-13 Ford Escape 1,143,541
AGSH1008 19-17 Chevrolet Silverado 1500;
19-17 GMC Sierra 1500
AGSH1003 16-13 Ford Fusion 1,025,374
AGSH1004 16-13 Ford Explorer
16-13 Ford Police Interceptor Utility
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Common Active Grille Shutters Failure Symptoms

  • Luz indicadora del motor encendida
  • Sobrecalentamiento del motor
  • Shutters stay in open or close positions

Causas comunes de fallas


Any heavy impact on the plastic shutters may damage them, especially collisions involving the front-end of the vehicle.

Electric short

The actuator’s motor controlling the shutters’ movement may fail prematurely due to an electric short.

Malfunctioning active grille shutters hinder the airflow reaching the condenser and the radiator which may drastically reduce the efficiency of engine cooling and climate control systems.

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