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Collision Repair Parts Program

Car with front-end collision damage impacting the radiator

Expand your business by entering the collision repair market

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in the U.S. alone, more than 7,000,000 road accidents occur every year (2016 data).

40% of these collisions involve the rear-end of a vehicle and the front-end of another, often damaging the latter’s cooling system.

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Get a foot in the door with CAPA Radiators

Join the Collision Repair Parts Program

Spectra Premium CAPA-certified radiator in CCC parts database displayed on laptop

CAPA-Certified radiators are recognized by auto repair shops and insurance adjusters which means they are the key to entering the collision market.

We can support your market entry of the first CAPA-Certified Radiators and help get you in business with these popular repair estimation platforms:

  • CCC
  • Mitchell
  • Audatex

To facilitate your integration in the collision repair software, Spectra Premium puts you in touch with the right people and assists you every step of the way.

Once you’re a registered supplier, you can grow your business by expanding to our industry-leading coverage of cooling system products: add radiators, condensers and cooling fan assemblies to support the repairs of your collision customers.

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First & Only CAPA-Certified Radiator Manufacturer

Spectra Premium leads the radiator aftermarket with the first & only CAPA Certification. The CAPA 601 Radiator Standard evaluates several aspects to ensure that the radiator will perform the same as the original equipment.

  • Independent third-party certification
  • Radiators now identified by CAPA as collision replacement part
  • First CAPA-Certified Canadian Radiator production facility
  • First & only CAPA Certified Radiators
  • CAPA Certified parts strongly encouraged by insurance adjusters
Now including more than 30 parts for 30 million North American vehicles

CAPA Certification Advantages

Spectra Premium CAPA-Certified radiator with CAPA seal

CAPA certification provides a clear differentiator against competitors as first-to-market radiator certification, quality assurance, and branding.

Quality Assurance

The new CAPA 601 Radiator Standard ensures the quality of the product through rigorous testing of these characteristics:


Two-Part Seal

The Certified Choice

What is CAPA?

CAPA (Certified Automotive Parts Association) logo

CAPA is an independent, non-profit American certification organization for automotive crash parts.


Protect the public – vehicle owners, collision shops, insurers and the marketplace – from inferior and over-priced replacement parts.

CAPA-Certified parts undergo a comprehensive testing program to ensure the end user receives the best quality part. Installing a radiator that holds the CAPA seal provides the installer/consumer the guarantee that the part passed a stringent testing process and was benchmarked against its OE counterpart.

Spectra Premium is the first radiator manufacturer to be awarded the CAPA 601 certification for radiators. All these radiators are produced at our Canadian factory in Laval.

Operating since 2000, the 170,000 sq. feet Spectra Premium Laval plant became the World’s first CAPA-certified radiator production facility on June 28, 2017.

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