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Coolant Reservoir

Aftermarket coolant reservoir product image with cap product shot by Spectra Premium

The coolant reservoir is located near the radiator and serves both as the entry point when filling the cooling system with coolant (including the radiator) as well as an expansion chamber when the coolant fluid expands due to the rising temperature of an engine in operation.

Spectra Premium Coolant reservoir tanks are designed and tested to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure fluctuations
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Most Common Coolant Reservoir Products

Spectra Part Number Most Popular Applications North American VIO
FRT1201C 05-99 Chevrolet Cavalier
03-99 Chevrolet Malibu
04-99 Oldsmobile Alero
05-99 Pontiac Grand Am
05-99 Pontiac Sunfire
FRT1219C 12-06 Chevrolet Malibu
10-06 Pontiac G6
09-07 Saturn Aura
FRT2401C 03-00 Mercedes-Benz ML55 AMG
03-98 Mercedes-Benz ML320
05-03 Mercedes-Benz ML350
01-99 Mercedes-Benz ML430
05-02 Mercedes-Benz ML500
FRT1508C 07-04 Ford Freestar
03-99 Ford Windstar
07-04 Mercury Monterey
FRT1507C 05-02 Ford Thunderbird
06-00 Lincoln
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Part Components

Coolant reservoir components: pressure cap, polypropylene plastic and level sensor

Other frequent terms for coolant reservoir

  • Washer Fluid Reservoir
  • Engine Coolant Expansion Tank
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Common Coolant Reservoir Failure Symptoms

  • Cracks around the hose or around the seam
  • Thermal Fatigue
  • Collisions
  • Poor maintenance
  • Too much use of water mixing coolant

Common Causes of Failure

The plastic of the original coolant reservoir may show signs of thermal fatigue over time which can manifest with cracks around the hose or seam of the coolant reservoir. As a plastic engine part, the coolant reservoir tank is also vulnerable to collisions.

Thermal fatigue is the primary cause of coolant reservoir failures, therefore it is important to inspect and replace your coolant tank when replacing your radiator.

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