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Camshaft Synchronizer

Aftermarket camshaft synchronizer by Spectra Premium

The Camshaft Synchronizer follows in the footsteps of the ignition distributor. Mounted on the camshaft and coupled with position sensors, it relays the point of engine rotation to the powertrain computer. Mostly used on Ford vehicles, they are a digital hybrid between the ignition distributor and the camshaft position sensors.

Spectra Premium Camshaft Synchronizers feature in-house proven technology that provides a stronger, more consistent signal and performance
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Most Common Camshaft Synchronizer Products

Spectra Part Number Most Popular Applications
FD32 1998-2007 Ford Taurus
FD34 1997-2009 Ford F-150
FD39 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee
FD35 1996-1999 Ford Explorer
FD42 1994-1997 Ford Ranger
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Common Camshaft Synchronizer Failure Symptoms

  • Rough idles
  • Stalls
  • Drops in engine power

Common Causes of Failure

As a mechanically driven part, the synchronizer is obviously prone to failure. A dry, or worn out driving gear will halt it from working and may cause cascading engine issue. Always look at that check engine light.

Due to crankshaft or camshaft position sensor failure, an engine might cut, die while driving or refuse to start.

A faulty sensor may lead to catastrophic engine failure.

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