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Fuel Module

  • Exact fit for easy installation

  • Meets or exceeds OE manufacturer’s specifications
  • Utilizes a high strength, POM plastic (Polyoxymethylene) to prevent tubes from breaking.
  • Product comes with wiring harness and installation hardware where necessary
  • Precision tested fuel level sensor ensures vehicle’s fuel gauge will provide an accurate reading at any fuel level
  • Includes fuel strainer for smoother installation process and ensures a clean fuel system upon replacement
  • Improved connectors to eliminate excessive electrical resistance and provide better heat dissipation compared to OE
  • Fuel level sensor utilizes palladium silver alloy for increase durability and better resistance agaisnt bad fuel
  • High flow pumps utilize carbon commutators which increases durability and generates less heat, equating to a longer lasting fuel pump
  • 100% reliability tested for: voltage, amperage, resistance, pressure and volume
  • Lifetime warranty
    • Failure to clean vehicles fuel tank, install a new fuel filter and strainer will void product warranty
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